Success for ONDEWO!

The International Chatbot Summit Conference of this year was held in Tel Aviv, and of course, ONDEWO was there! It's the largest chatbot event in the world, and therefore many chatbot- and Artificial Intelligence experts came from all over the world to Israel. The event was for us a great opportunity to get feedback from international experts of the scene. We were really curious to find out where our technology stands in the market, especially after our positive experience last October at the ChatbotConf in Vienna. And in order to present our country properly, a traditional Austrian outfit could not be missing!

Martin, Daniel and Andreas representing ONDEWO at the Chatbot Summit

Interesting speakers

For this event many interesting speakers were invited to talk about AI and chatbots. Very inspiring speeches came from Michael Fertik, Dov Moran and Kobi Samboursky. They stressed once again why chatbots are more than just a hype and how this market will change the online-world in the future.

Dov Moran - "the High Tech Legend"

International feedback - On the right track!

With our demos, smartphones and our 27-inch monitor in the luggage - although this would also have been the case if Andreas luggage was still in Vienna -- we were hunting for feedback. How else can we improve our technology?

We received feedback from Lenovo, Oracle, the German Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence and many others. At the end of the day, we were happily surprised! The international chatbot community, corporations and investors turned out to be fascinated by the progress of our machine learning and deep learning algorithms. With our in-house named entity recognition, intent detection and the automatic test framework, as well as the conversation graph, we are absolutely on the right track! In the last months, we have developed technology that can not only compete with big competitors, but is also able to model conversations in relaxed graphs and conducting automatic conversations with our deep learning and machine learning algorithms.

We were honored by the attendance of Undine Zach-Palvelli. She visited this event on behalf of Außenwirtschaft Austria. Watch the video of Aussenwirtschaft Austria here for an impression of this event and find out what Andreas had to tell Undine about ONDEWO!

Martin, Andreas, Undine Zach-Palvelli (Aussenwirtschaft Austria) and Daniel

Familiar faces: "hey, you also here?!"

Since we are in the scene now for almost a year, this event is also an opportunity to meet with a few acquaintances. At the event we were enjoying our time with our friends from 'The Ventury'. Another really familiar face was the of Peter Buchroithner, who is decision-maker for the famous Austrian chatbot 'Swell'. It was nice to meet with him and we really enjoyed his speech at the conference!

Andreas & Tech-friends

And afterwards… a short trip to Jerusalem

We did it as As Mark Twain already knew: "you have to travel to learn". We learned about the local culture and had a lot of fun. Israel is a diverse country with amazing food and an interesting history. We will strongly remember this journey and especially the day trip to Jerusalem. The legendary city with traditional houses full of secrets: definitely worth it!

The conference was an huge success for ONDEWO. We have received valuable feedback on our technology, we have heard inspiring speeches and we have made great new connections. And, there was even time for a cultural trip. It is so important for startups to visit events and we can't wait for what is coming!

Martin, Daniel and Andreas in Jerusalem