As every year, the 11th of November is associated with the beginning of joyful events and happy expectations. Because today, the Ball Season begins! The start of a new period for ladies to wear colorful ball robes and for gentlemen to wear their best ‘Fräcken’. From the official opening of the Ball to the Viennese Waltz... Oh, it is such a special time!

Beautiful as Cinderella

A ball requires not only for the best clothes of your wardrobe, but also for attention to the hair. Of course, women can wear the hair down, but a beautiful updo makes her look very special. A real eye-catcher, so to speak. We all know how hectic life can be at the end of the year and it is unfortunately not always so comfortable as a slow waltz. Those weeks are filled with commitments and deadlines. People completely forget the Friday evening during a week full of responsibilities and ask: “Oh dear! Who can style my hair quickly? " Good news, ONDEWO can help you!

Together with you we choose out of many hairdressers exactly the one that fits your budget, your proximity and your time window! And you are top styled, for all Balls! Our hairdressers style the most beautiful updos, like Cinderella on the ball. But be careful, watch out for your shoes!

Inside information about Balls in Vienna

For many of us, the Balls in Vienna are traditionally related to the Austrian culture and therefore it’s always good to get some inside information before your first visit. Because, how does it actually work? In short: Each Ball runs under a certain motto and often follows the same procedure. After an official greeting, the so-called debutant pair begins and opens the dance for the evening. At midnight is usually time to dance the ‘Quadrillie’.

An interesting fact is that the legendary ‘Vienna Opera Ball’ is not the oldest ball in Vienna. It took place for the first time in 1877 at the ‘Hofopern Soirée’. Since 1935 this event is better known under the name "Wiener Opernball". Older balls include the Concordia Ball (1863) and the TU Ball (1815). One of the youngest Balls (2015) is the Ball of Science.

If you want to visit one of the Balls in Vienna, then please take a look at the Vienna Ball calendar. Besides the world-famous ‘Vienna Opera Ball’, there are Balls for many other occasions. For example, the ball of the Viennese economy, the well-known Life Ball or the Ball night for the hairdressers. The wedding of the Balls are usually taking place in January and February. The Balls Season in Vienna ends in June with the Concordia Ball, one of the incredible summer balls.