Our new high-performance AI server the NVIDIA DGX A100 is set up in the data center of our partner Cloudflight.

Only a few selected companies have such a resilient server as the  Nvidia DGX A100. It was precisely created for the development of artificial intelligence (AI). Compared to other servers, it can analyze processes, train AI and learn new information from them with higher speed and accuracy. Its eight connected graphics cards make it unusually powerful in this area. The connection between the separate GPUs allows a transfer of 600GB/sec; it has a compact size of 10.4 in x 19.0 in x 35.3 in. There are no comparable servers on the market, which shortens the time between the conception and the completion of an AI so drastically through its computing power.

On Friday, 04.09.2020, our DGX A100 was finally installed in the data centre of Cloudflight. At 11 am, the server was already unpacked and installed in its cabinet in the data centre. The first firmware updates have already been done by Altair’s technicians, provided by Nvidia. At the same time, Cloudflight’s site reliability engineers provided us with secure access to the DGX A100 through the firewall. Once a secure connection was established, and the first updates were ready, the control centre was set up. This allows us to control processes and restart the server in the event of a failure. After just under five hours, the server was fully installed and ready for use. It was always admired because it is compact and yet delivers high performance.

ONDEWO’s goal is to use the server to improve technology in the field of voice communication with AI. Our team plans to use it soon to recognize and reproduce more languages and dialects. The server plays an important role in maintaining ONDEWO’s rapid growth, which has been honoured with many awards in recent years.

Cloudflight also develops custom AI applications in various fields such as Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing and Industry 4.0, and they are looking forward to having some of their calculations purchased via the DGX A100.

Cloudflight and ONDEWO are already in a long-standing partnership, which will be extended by the server. The high performance of the DGX A100 allows both ONDEWO and partly Cloudflight to use it without overloading it.